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Kirsten's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Uplift
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

In some patients, breast ptosis or droop, can happen at a very young age. Kirsten was in this group and felt her breasts looked much older than her years.  We discussed the option of performing breast uplift surgery to address this problem.

The Results

The results of surgery were very good and the surgical scars all healed very well.

What the Patient said

The experience of my mastopexy and uplift has been nothing but positive from my initial consultation with Mr Raine, through to my post-op follow ups. On the day of the operation I was feeling apprehensive but I was made to feel completely at ease by the kind nurses.  After the operation, I was surprised at how well I felt and the healing process went as planned.

I am very pleased with the result and I feel so much more body confident than I did before.

What the Surgeon said

The surgery all went as planned and Kirsten made a quick recovery.  The healing proved uneventful and Kirsten was soon back at work.  Both Kirsten and I were very happy with the results of surgery and I was very pleased to hear the improvement Kirsten felt in her self confidence as a result of the procedure.

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