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Helen's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Reduction
Breast Uplift
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Helen previously had a breast augmentation procedure done at Refine Plastic Surgeons. Some years later, she became unhappy with her appearance and decided that smaller breasts suited her better. 

Refine Plastic Surgeons removed her breast implants and performed a breast reduction surgery (mastopexy). 

The Results

Six months on from her surgery, Helen's scars are fading away and her breasts look and feel much more natural.

What The Patient said

I am absolutely delighted with the outcome of my operation. I much prefer the post-operative appearance of my breasts without implants. My breasts look and feel much more natural and comfortable than before my surgery. 

What the Surgeon said

Helen came to see me after having decided that she wanted to have her breast implants removed. The results are often better if the procedure is combined with a breast uplift to tighten the surrounding skin. The surgery all went to plan; and Helen was very happy with the results. Further improvement will be seen as the scars soften and fade over the next 12 to 18 months.

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