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Lily's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Reduction
Breast Uplift
Tummy Tuck
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

We performed an anchor pattern procedure to reduce, uplift and reshape the breasts.

An abdominoplasty procedure was performed to tighten and contour the tummy.

The Results

Surgery was uneventful. All Susan’s wounds healed well and the aesthetic outcome was very pleasing. The breasts are symmetrical, uplifted and smaller, but enough volume was retained to maintain a feminine shape.

What the Patient said

I had saggy old boobs and a flat stomach which looked worse after weight loss.

I felt very well informed and very safe. Everybody was so nice and made it a very easy experience. I love the outcome and wish I had done it years ago.

What the Surgeon said

Surgery was performed under general anaesthetic. To minimise risk we used an ultrasonic harmonic scalpel which is very gentle on the tissues.

Lily’s large scar in the upper right abdomen presented a challenge. We modified our technique to preserve blood supply to the tissues. This was successful and healing was uneventful.

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