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Isabella's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral mastopexy augmentation
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Isabella is 24 years old and presented with what she described as “breasts like an old woman”, which she felt had only become worse after having lost about 2 stone in weight. Her breasts had dropped from a 36DD down to a 34C. She had grade III ptosis of her breasts (very droopy), with a tuberous deformity (tubular appearance). Her left nipple was higher than the right and the left breast was smaller in size.

The Results

During Isabella's pre-operative consultations, I explained that she would benefit from a breast uplift to reposition her nipples, along with insertion of implants in order to replace some of the lost volume. Isabella selected implants of 275cc in volume.  She underwent a mastopexy augmentation (uplift with implants) under a general anaesthetic, with an overnight stay in hospital.

What the Patient said

I have had a very good experience, not only was my result great, but my surgeon and the staff were all exceptionally friendly and helpful. My life has changed since having the surgery, definitely the best decision going with Refine Plastic Surgeons and Spire.

What the Surgeon said

Isabella as a challenging case, due to the appearance of her breasts prior to surgery. She selected a sensible size of implant which has helped her to achieve a very natural result.

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