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Julie's Story

Treatment Details
Exchange of Implants
Breast Uplift
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Julie had undergone a breast augmentation procedure some years ago, but was disappointed with her breast appearance over the last few years. She felt her breasts had drooped and that her implants were not as effective as they had once been. Examination revealed a moderate breast droop, and some encapsulation of the implants. Julie also had a very active and sporty lifestyle, and wasn’t keen on implants under the muscle, as this was likely to result in implant movement during upper body exercise.

The Results

A plan was made for a breast uplift, along with replacement of larger implants. These were selected in a couple of sizing exercises carried out prior to surgery. She had replacement of 340cc implants with 485cc implants.

What the Patient said

After 12-13 years from the first operation, my breasts had drooped quite a bit and weren’t very full. Dr Bahia came highly recommended to me and I can’t thank him enough. Pre- and post-op treatment has been outstanding and I love my new shape!!

What the Surgeon said

Julie has had a great result, and I am delighted that she is pleased with the outcome. Her scars remain a little pink at 10 weeks, and these will soften and fade over the next few months with gentle massage.  She is now back to her exercise in the gym and can wear any type of bra that she likes.

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