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Jane's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Reduction
Breast Uplift
Mark Butterworth

Treatment Overview

Jane had breast augmentation elsewhere, but has always felt uncomfortably large. She was not enthusiastic about further implants so we removed the implants and improved the shape and volume with lipofilling.

The Results

The surgery went well and achieved the desired outcome.

What the Patient said

I had previously had breast implants and I felt they were too big for my frame. The implants had a ‘double bubble’ look and I felt very uncomfortable and unnatural. I chose Refine Plastic Surgeons after an Open Day event held at the Spire Hospital. I was pleasantly surprised hearing about ‘fat transfer ‘and spoke privately to the surgeon about this procedure. I asked many questions and he was very happy to see me again to discuss my future op.  A few weeks later I had my breast implants removed and underwent a lipofilling procedure. I was bruised and swollen for a couple of weeks but I am very happy with the results. Thanks to Dr Mark Butterworth for making me feel good again!

What the Surgeon said

Jane got the size and shape of breasts she wished with lipofilling and is delighted with the outcome.

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