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Gianna's Story

Treatment Details
Removal of breast implants
Bilateral Breast Reduction
Breast Uplift
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Gianna attended my clinic having had implants inserted 11 years ago for cosmetic purposes. However, she had always thought they were too big, having increased her from a 36B to a 38 F/G. She said that she wished to have her implants removed as she found it difficult undergoing mammograms and also sleeping on her front. While removal of implants is usually a relatively straight forward procedure, it often leaves droopy and empty breasts. Gianna is lucky enough to have sufficient breast tissue of her own to allow for a reduction-uplift procedure simultaneously.

The Results

Gianna underwent her procedure under a general anaesthetic lasting approximately 3 hours, and with an overnight stay in hospital. Her right implant was found to be ruptured and this was removed and a thorough washout of the breast carried out. She had approximately 800g of breast tissue removed from each breast which along with the implant weights of almost 1kg gave her a substantial reduction in size and weight (5.7lb). She also had an uplift of her remaining breast tissue.

What the Patient said

I had implant removal, reduction and uplift by Mr Bahia at Spire Hospital Edinburgh. At my first consultation Mr Bahia explained in full detail what the operation would entail. Mr Bahia was very friendly, polite & professional throughout and helped put my mind at ease by answering any questions I had.

My operation went very well and I am over the moon with the results. I really can’t thank him enough.

What the Surgeon said

I reviewed Gianna in my clinic at 6 weeks where these photographs were taken. She was delighted with the results and all was healing and settling well. Her scars remained firm and immature and I have advised her to massage and moisturise them over the next few months. I have asked for Gianna to return for one last review in 3 months’ time.

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