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Dawn's Story

Treatment Details
Tummy Tuck
Breast Uplift
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Dawn had a breast uplift (mastopexy) and abdominoplasty. The surgery involved removing loose skin from the breasts and tummy and tightening both, and also uplifting her breasts to give her a more youthful appearance. The entire procedure took approximately 5 hours and required a two night stay in hospital. 

The Results

Dawn has been delighted with the results. Her scars have faded well and all concerned are delighted with her results. 


What the Patient said

The expectations I had have certainly been met. I feel the breast uplift certainly gave me a far more youthful appearance in my clothing, and that in turn gives me a more youthful outlook on life. 

It's been the best decision I've made because it's something that I know would always have been on my mind, I couldn't do anything about it [my tummy] through diet and exercise.

What the Surgeon said

It has been a real pleasure to look after Dawn. She was very clear about what she wanted and her expectations were realistic. We are pleased to have been able to help.


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