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Cathy's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Reduction
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Cathy was finding her large breast heavy and uncomfortable. They caused particular discomfort during exercise. We performed a bilateral breast reduction removing 966g from the smaller right breast and 1059g from the left.

The Results

 Cathy had her surgery under total intravenous anaesthetic. This provides a very quick and smooth wake up with no nausea or sickness. Her healing was uneventful.

What the Patient Said

Transforming and life changing. The service, hospital care and aftercare was great. Its how the NHS should be.

What the Surgeon said

We reduced Cathy’s bust significantly making her feel  more proportionate. Her healing has been uneventful. The scars are fading quickly. She is now able to exercise and to run and box with less discomfort. She estimates we reduced her from 34K to 34DD.

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