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Jenni's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral breast reduction
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

A bilateral breast reduction was chosen due to the patient having enlarged breasts.

The Results

Jenni did a superb job in changing her lifestyle prior to surgery. She started to exercise with a personal trainer, she got herself in much better shape for surgery. On the day of surgery we very carefully marked the optimal realignment and reduction. Surgery was very straightforward. Wounds were closed with dissolving sutures and no drains as is usual. Recovery was uneventful and Jenni was pleased. 

What the Patient Said

Mr Ken Stewart has truly changed every aspect of my life. Through knowing a previous patient of his I had no hesitation in meeting with him to discuss a breast reduction and left with a plan before surgery was to take place. By making some lifestyle changes I was more than ready by the time the surgery came about and have never felt better. All communication was open and he was extremely personable., frank and encouraging in helping me reach my goals. The nurses at the hospital were extremely kind and supportive post surgery and the care given was amazing. I have never felt more happy and confident in myself and am now able to exercise without back pain. Everyone I know has commented on my new found positivity and I no longer shy away with embarrassment and self-consciousness. Undergoing the surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience and results.  

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