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Samantha 's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral Breast Reduction
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Bilateral Breast Reduction was carried out to improve pain in the back and neck.

The Results

A very nice symmetrical result has been achieved.

What the Patient said

After many years of thinking ‘should I?’ I finally decided at the age of 73 to say ‘yes, I will’. I was having increasing problems with my size 40G breasts and comfort was high on my priority list (though I sneakily hankered after looking better in my clothes too!). Cameron Raine did the operation and it all went smoothly. The recovery process, after the initial 2 -3 weeks of waiting for the wounds to heal, was very straightforward and I received excellent care from the nursing staff at Murrayfield during this process. It all sounds so simple but the difference it has made to me is enormous – I am down to a D cup, a great weight has (literally) been removed from my shoulders, and I am thrilled every morning when I get dressed and look at myself in the mirror. The only downside is having to go shopping for new clothes – poor me! My thanks to Cameron who has worked this miracle for me.

What the Surgeon said

The surgery passed without any complications and the scars are healing very satisfactorily.

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