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Emma's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral Breast Reduction
Ewa Majdak-Paredes

Treatment Overview

What the Surgeon Said

Emma underwent bilateral breast reduction surgery for functional and cosmetic reasons. The operation went well and her recovery was uneventful. I am very pleased with the shape and size of Emma's breasts which fits to the overall proportion of Emma's body. 

What the Patient Said

Heavy and unsightly breasts over the years diminished my self-confidence. When choosing this doctor, I chose a woman because I knew she would do her best to make me look as pretty as she could with such big breasts. I am overwhelmed by the outcome, having gone from a 40J to a 40D is two bra sizes less. She explained in detail what the outcome would be with the good and the bad. She takes time, is empathetic and does her best for you. The team who managed my wounds were fantastic, I had some trouble healing and they explained what was happening at every stage. The whole experience has been life changing. One of the nurses described my surgery as a work of art, it boosted me no end. Ewa is a miracle worker and I wish her continued success in her profession.

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