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Megan's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral Breast Reduction
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

The patient underwent bilateral breast reduction to reduce the daily back and neck pain.

The Results

The results are amazing. We have managed to accomplish a symmetrical reduction and an uplift of the nipple position.

What the Patient said

Mr Raine was recommended to me by my lovely friend after seeing her results I knew he was the surgeon for me and he did not disappoint. The initial consultation I was so nervous but he made me feel so comfortable and he was very professional, I booked the surgery after I left the appointment and was very excited. Two weeks later came my surgery and Mr Raine came to see me before and talked me through everything that will happen and put me at ease.  He came after surgery and also the following morning to see me before I was discharged which I thought was great. The whole team from the receptionist to the aftercare nurses I couldn’t fault a thing I had a few trips back to see the nurse as had some delayed healing in two areas but a few times there it was plain sailing. The results are life changing after backache on a daily basis it is completely gone!  Also just been on holiday and i can wear a strapless bikini. I have just been to my three month check and got the before and after pictures and I’m over the moon with the results.  Cannot thank Mr Raine enough. 

What the Surgeon said

The surgery was carried out an a 1 night stay under a general anaesthetic. There were minor issues during the recovery process but this has all since been resolved and the patient is very happy with the outcome.

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