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Melanie's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral Breast Reduction
Therapeutic Mammoplasty
Ewa Majdak-Paredes

Treatment Overview

The Results

Melanie came to see me to discuss cosmetic breast reduction. I would recommend a screening mammogram in all women who are over 40 and who are considering cosmetic surgery on the breast and so Melanie had her screening mammogram which had revealed a small abnormality in her left breast. This was subsequently biopsied and showed a pre-cancerous lesion called a low-grade DCIS.

As a result, Melanie had a bilateral therapeutic mammaplasty which is joined procedure with a Breast Surgery Consultant Colleague combining lumpectomy and a modified breast reduction approach to remove the breast lump, whilst at the same time reshape the remaining breast via a reduction technique and symmetrise the healthy breast via a reduction technique as well. Melanie’s lump has been completely removed with no further treatment required aside from annual mammograms and she has an excellent cosmetic result at this point.

What the Patient said

I was treated with the most amazing care. The best thing I have done is coming to Spire.

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