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Sonia's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Reduction
Tummy Tuck
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Sonia was concerned about her relatively large bust and her saggy tummy.

We elected to combine breast reduction and a tummy tuck in the same operation. This has the advantage that it means only one period of recovery and one inpatient stay. One has to be cautious in doing too much surgery at the same time but this is a common combination taking 5-6 hours.

The Results

Sonia had a very clear idea of what she wanted to achieve and very realistic expectations about the likely outcomes

What the Patient said

I really wish I had done it sooner. It has been wonderful from start to finish.

Everybody has been so patient and welcoming. So glad I did it. I am really pleased with my new appearance.

What the Surgeon said

Sonia’s surgery followed very standard techniques. We marked all the incision lines and the new position of the nipples and tummy button with her standing before surgery.

Sonia’s breast reduction involved lifting the nipple areolar complex on a so called superior pedicle. This reduces the risk of the breast bottoming out as the weight is removed from underneath.

The tummy tuck involved an incision in the bikini line. The skin and fat layer was lifted off the tummy wall and the excess removed. An ultrasonic harmonic scalpel was used as it is gentle on the tissues.No drains were required. All the wounds were closed with dissolving sutures.

Recovery was uneventful and primary healing relatively quick. Sonia  used tape on her scars for 3 months to minimise the risk of scar thickening. Despite this the scars are red at 3 months but will fade with time.

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