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Gill's Story

Treatment Details
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Abdominoplasty was carried out to improve the appearance of the patients abdomen area and to give a flatter appearance.

The Results

The results are amazing. We have accomplished a more flatter aesthetic appearance.

What the Patient said

I cannot find fault with the treatment, results and after-care I have received from Mr Raine. All aspects of the treatment were clearly explained in three pre-surgery appointments with Mr Raine with the surgery being carried out with the highest standard of skill and professionalism. 

I was in no pain at anytime of the process. Yes, I was uncomfortable for short periods in the first couple of days but never in pain. The recovery process was surprisingly swift and I was on my feet walking unaided the day after. 

My expectations have been far exceeded and the improvement achieved makes me feel marvelous and far happier with so much more confidence in all aspects of my life. I owe Mr Raine a great deal of gratitude.

I am 100% confident that I made the right decision to have abdominoplasty performed by Mr Cameron Raine. I am sure others will feel the same taking part in a similar adventure to their lives. 

What the Surgeon said

Surgery was carried out as a 1 night stay under a general. The aesthetic appearance is pleasing on the eye, the scars are healing very satisfactorily and will continue to fade and soften over time.

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