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Orla's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral Breast Reduction
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Orla was seen in my clinic requesting a bilateral breast reduction. She felt that her breasts (32F) were too large for her slim frame.

The Results

Orla underwent a modest reduction of approximately 300g (0.7lb) from each breast and an uplift, under a general anaesthetic lasting 2 hours. All her stitches were dissolving and no drains were used. Orla was allowed home the next morning, with a follow-up appointment in the nurse-led dressing clinic at 1 week for a change of dressing.

What the Patient said

After years of hesitation, I am so pleased I made the decision, made so much easier of course by the initial consultation. Mr Bahia made me feel so at ease and assured. I am over the moon with the result! Thank you Refine for your amazing work, the treatment was first class from start to finish. Mr Bahia I can’t thank you enough, so professional and kind.

What the Surgeon said

Orla has had a good result, which has uplifted and reduced her breasts to a size and shape that are much more in keeping with her narrow chest. These photos were only taken at 5 weeks following surgery and the scars are still immature. These will soften and fade over the coming months.

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