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Emily's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral Breast Reduction
Flank Liposuction
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

I saw Emily in my clinic where she told me that she had suffered with a great deal of neck and back ache for a number of years. She also found the size of her breasts to be socially embarrassing, particularly in the work place. Her case was a little more challenging due to the very medial position of her nipples.

The Results

Emily underwent a bilateral breast reduction procedure under a general anaesthetic, taking approximately 3 hours and requiring an overnight stay in hospital. She had removal of 630g (1.4lb) from the right breast and 829g (1.8lb) from the left. She was discharged home the following morning and seen in the nurse led dressing clinic at a week for a change of dressings.

What the Patient said

I was initially nervous about having breast reduction surgery but Mr Bahia had come well recommended. Before the surgery I was sitting at a GG cup & was causing a lot of back pain.

This has been one of the best decisions of my life. After the surgery I went to a D cup & it immediately resolved my back pain.

No more back pain and as a bonus all my dresses fitted me better & I looked a lot slimmer. Thank you again.

What the Surgeon said

Emily’s surgery went well, and she has achieved an good result. Her scars are still quite tight and there are one or two areas which are not fully healed in this photo taken at 5 weeks, however, Shalina was keen to be discharged from follow up and I would anticipate that her scars would soften and fade over the coming months with regular moisturisation and massage.


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