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Margaret's Story

Treatment Details
Removal of Skin Lesion
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Margaret was suffering from a small cyst on her back and had excess fat on her thighs. Both were causing her discomfort and were becoming unsightly, so she decided to have them surgically removed. 

The Results

To remove the excess tissue on Margaret's thighs, Hilal Bahia used liposuction, a popular method to get rid of unwanted fat.

Removing the cyst on Margaret's back was also a simple procedure: the skin lesion was surgically removed and the skin neatly stitched up. 

What the Patient said

Having never had surgery or general anaesthetic before I was very nervous, however Mr Bahia listened to my concerns and was extremely reassuring.

The surgery went exactly as explained to me, the scars healed quickly and are very neat. Aftercare was excellent too and I cannot recommend Mr Bahia and the staff at Refine Plastic Surgeons highly enough

What the Surgeon said

A lot of patients come to us to feel less self-conscious about their imperfections; they want to feel beautiful and confident again. Margaret's case was a very simple one that only required an easy, well-known procedure, and the results were quick to show. It's a great satisfaction to see her feeling happy in her own skin post-surgery. 


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