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Rachel's Story

Treatment Details
Tummy Tuck
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Rachel came to me having been unhappy with the appearance of her stomach following her pregnancies.  We agreed a tummy tuck procedure with repair of the abdominal muscles was the best way forward.  Liposculpture was used to smooth the appearance of the upper abdomen.

The Results

Rachel and I were both very pleased with the results of surgery which produced a very flat stomach and improved profile.

What The Patient said

After 3 large pregnancies my stomach muscles remained separated, my stomach was distended and I had loose skin. I was unsure if I could take time off work and cope with the family commitments if I was to undergo abdominoplasty, but Mr Raine took me through the whole process in detail and I felt confident to go ahead with the procedure. The information I received was very accurate. I was very well looked after in the hospital and the recovery was as expected. I followed the advice I was given by Mr Raine and the nurses carefully and the whole process went smoothly. The scar lies underneath my underwear and it is getting lighter every week. Three months on, I am delighted with the results and would recommend Mr Raine highly.

What the Surgeon said

Rachel’s surgery went very well and the recovery all went to plan.  Both Rachel and I were very happy with the result.

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