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Mandy's Story

Treatment Details
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Mandy had localised excess fat in particular areas of her thighs, calves and legs. She had tried weight loss but was unable to shift the excess from these areas.

We used tumescent liposuction to sculpt the areas of excess. We opted for a general anaesthetic because of the multiple areas involved.

The Results

Liposuction was used to sculpt the areas of excess. This resulted in some initial bruising and swelling which took a few weeks to settle as anticipated.

What the Patient said

I felt that because my legs were heavy it made the rest of me feel heavier than I actually was. Boots and trousers were often tight.

It took me a while to get my energy back after surgery but I am glad I did it. Now I feel more in proportion.

What the surgeon said

Surgery was performed using a low energy tumescent technique. In other words the areas of fat excess were infiltrated with a special fluid solution to help soften the fat.

Recovery was uneventful and Mandy was discharged the following day.

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