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Hazel's Story

Treatment Details
Rhinoplasty and mastopexy
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Hazel wished her nose to be refined and her nostrils to be more symmetric.

We used an open tip rhinoplasty approach to selectively refine the hump and the tip of the nose and to symmetrise the nostrils. We wanted to keep things subtle.

The Results

The results are pleasing and hopefully reflect the care and attention given to refining each area of the nose.

What the Patient said

I am really pleased with my new nose. The changes were subtle. I am particularly happy with the improvement in my nostrils.

What the Surgeon said

We used an open tip approach. The alars were selectively reduced and symmetrised. The most deviated part of the septum was removed preserving enough to support the nose. The dorsum was then reduced in height and bilateral infractures.  A columelar strut of cartilage was inserted to hold the tip projection.

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