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Nikki's Story

Treatment Details
Mark Butterworth

Treatment Overview

Nikki underwent a typical rhinoplasty transformation. She was displeased with the natural shape of her nose, which was slightly hooked, and wanted a straighter nose.

The Results

The surgery went exactly as planned. By simply realigning the cartilage in her nose, we were able to give Nikki the straight nose she had always wanted.

What The Patient said

I underwent a Reduction Rhinoplasty procedure in December last year with Dr Mark Butterworth. The outcome of the procedure was life changing and I was surprised how much my confidence grew. I feel that I have been supported from the initial consultation right through until now. Where I have had any worries Catriona McQueen has been on call to resolve the issue. The years of experience and knowledge from all the staff at Refine Plastic Surgeons has been outstanding and professional and I would highly recommend the hospital to anyone for any procedure, big or small. Mark was supportive and committed all throughout and I can’t put into words how impressed I was with his approach and expertise.

What the Surgeon said

Nikki is a typical patient for a rhinoplasty. She didn't like her crooked nose so through a simple procedure we were able to give her the straight nose she wanted. She healed well and quickly, and is now much happier with her appearance, which has grown her confidence tremendously.

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