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Stephanie's Story

Treatment Details
Mark Butterworth

Treatment Overview

Due to an accident in her childhood Stephanie had a little bump on her nose that made her feel less confident in her appearance. She complained of feeling paranoid whenever speaking to someone else that they would notice the bump, and decided to have her nose surgically altered with a rhinoplasty. 

The Results

Stephanie's surgery went as planned; there were no complications. She was able to take the splint off her nose quickly and felt very pleased with the result. 

What the Patient said

As soon as I came out of surgery, I didn't feel any pain and I looked different already. When the splint was off my nose and I had a look in the mirror I couldn't stop looking [at myself]. I just couldn't stop smiling. 

I'm a lot more confident now. I feel a lot happier and less paranoid. 

What the Surgeon said

Stephanie was very self conscious of her appearance. Her rhinoplasty has given her back her self-confidence and a new lease on life.

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