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Harper's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral Symmetrising Reduction
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Breast reduction surgery can prove a great help to women with disproportionately large breasts and has a high rate of patient satisfaction.  Symptoms such as neck pain, back pain and poor posture can be alleviated and patients may experience a boost to their self-confidence. The technique can also help women with noticeable breast asymmetry.

The Results

While it is impossible to predict the final cup size after surgery, most patients are very pleased to have reduced the size of the breasts to a much more manageable weight and to have breasts which are finally in proportion with their frame. They are finally able to purchase much more flattering underwear.

What the Patient said

After years of discomfort, back pain, shoulder pain, rashes (under each breast) and problems with clothes fitting, I now have the top half of my body in proportion to the bottom half! I found the whole experience of my breast reduction surgery positive. From my first meeting with my consultant to the ward and clinic staff and final meeting with my consultant a 1st class experience.

What the Surgeon said

Harper came to me with very large breasts which she had since puberty. She had suffered a great deal with back pain for most of her life, and subsequently her weight had increased as she found it increasingly difficult to exercise, due to her large breasts. Following a reduction of over a kilo from each breast, they have become far more manageable. She is now able to buy clothes and bras that fit, without going to specialty shops. She can also carry out her daily tasks, including exercise, much more freely.

The photographs are at only 6 weeks following surgery, so there is still some bruising and swelling which are yet to settle over the next few weeks. Her scars are also still a little immature and firm, and these will soften and relax over the coming months to leave her with a very good result.

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