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Roberta's Story

Treatment Details
Tummy Tuck
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Roberta was unhappy with her tummy and after a consultation at Refine Plastic Surgeons she decided to undergo an abdominoplasty procedure.

The Results

The abdominoplasty flattened Roberta’s stomach and gave her a shapelier figure and a big confidence boost.

What the Patient said

I was bothered by my bulging tummy, particularly in photos. My tummy tended to bulge through my dresses. Now I feel that I have a flatter tummy which looks good in my clothes. My treatment was first class from start to finish.  I developed a small seroma but this was very quickly and effectively treated.

What the Surgeon said

Roberta was concerned by her bulging, loose tummy skin and we agreed that abdominoplasty procedure would be best to address this. We performed a very straightforward tummy tuck and achieved good results. Roberta developed a small seroma after the procedure, but this was quickly resolved and caused no further concern.

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