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Monica's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Reduction
Breast Asymmetry
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Monica had been considering surgery to help improve breast asymmetry and ptosis (breast droop) for a number of years.  After discussing the options I recommended a small breast reduction on the larger right hand side combined with an uplift on the left hand side and fat grafting to both sides (to increase the volume on the left and to improve the cleavage on the right).  This technique avoids the use of breast implants. 

The Results

Monica’s surgery all went to plan with a good level of improvement.  We had discussed that a second fat grafting procedure is often required when using this technique to get the best match, and Monica scheduled this 4 months later.   The results are excellent and will be permanent, no further surgery is likely to be required.  This is the great advantage over the use of breast implants where maintenance surgery is common.

What the Patient said

Cosmetic surgery since the age of 18 (now 24) was always something of interest to me. For me, I had very uneven breasts and very saggy breasts which resulted in me being very self conscious. I decided to talk to my family about this, in which they fully supported me. I got in contact with Murrayfield Hospital in Edinburgh about a consultation for breast surgery. They were very helpful from the first point of contact, all the way through out. I read some information on the surgeons and decided to go with Mr Cameron Raine.

At my first consultation I told Mr Raine I'd like a breast reduction, uplift and implants to even out the difference. After an hour of discussion as to why implants wouldn't necessarily be a first option due to the complications with my size difference (implants dropping, persistent asymmetry etc.) we decided to go with fat grafting as well as a reduction and uplift.

I was a size E on one cup and C on the other, having not heard a lot about the fat grafting it was hard for me to accept so easily at first. I went home and researched as much as I could on this method and found very little information. I joined forums and one of which really helped was 'real self‘. I created an account and got speaking with others who had been in the same situation.

I went back for a few more consultations prior to my surgery, then had my first treatment on the 24th of June 2016. Fat grafting is a great option for those who aren't sure on putting something into themselves which hasn't come from them, it may however require a few treatments to achieve the perfect results. I have had another surgery in October since my first op just to even out the left breast as this was always slightly smaller. The cost initially seems a lot but when you weigh it up verses the maintenance of implants, for me this was a good choice. I now have good symmetry of my breasts, with a natural look and feel. Very happy to have chosen this method and my surgeon Mr Cameron Raine, I could not have asked for better.

What the Surgeon said

Monica recovered very well following both procedures and the surgical scars are fading very nicely.  The level of breast symmetry has improved significantly and Monica feels much more confident in her appearance and in herself.  Fat grafting is a very powerful tool in the correction of breast asymmetry and I am also very pleased with what we were able to achieve.

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