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Kathryn's Story

Treatment Details
Labial Reduction
Ewa Majdak-Paredes

Treatment Overview

Kathryn requested reduction of labia minora for functional and psychological reasons. The anatomical variant of her labia minora was amenable to treatment with wedge excision. Kathryn opted for the procedure to be done under a local anaesthetic. The procedure took about an hour and was uneventful. Dissolvable stitches were used and swelling had settled within a couple of weeks.

The Results

Kathryn requested reduction of labia minora for functional reasons. Early results were very good. Although the scar was visible two weeks after the operation, scar maturation takes a year and I expect for this scar to settle well and eventually become inconspicuous.

What the Patient said

Ewa Majdak- Paredes made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. Iwas really happy with the level of care throughout. Although I am still in the healing process, I already can tell I am happy with the results. I would recommend Refine Plastic Surgeons & Ewa especially. 

What the Surgeon said

The surgery went very well. Labiaplasty is a day case procedure and can be done under a general or local anaesthetic depending on the patient's personal preference. I think Kathryn should have a nice cosmetic result which would hopefully improve her physical symptoms related to the enlarged labia minora and improve the cosmetic appearance to the level of Kathryn's content as well. 

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