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Gabriella's Story

Treatment Details
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Labiaplasty was carried out to reduce and correct prominent labia minora.

The Results

An excellent reduction labiaplasty has been achieved both for functional and cosmetic reasons.

What the Patient said

My expectations have been exceeded with regards the labiaplasty, a procedure I have wanted for over ten years.

Dr Raine was extremely kind the throughout the whole process. I felt informed going into the surgery and I understood the aftercare required.  The surgery itself was painless and I felt completely at ease throughout.

As a natural worrier, I had a few concerns following the surgery but Dr Raine went out of his way to have me back in to see him so that I could be reassured. I was extremely grateful for this.

Two months on, I am extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend this surgeon.

What the Surgeon said

Surgery went off without a hitch and the wounds are healing very satisfactorily leaving the patient with a lovely result.

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