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Kate's Story

Treatment Details
Labial reduction
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Kate was very unhappy with the appearance of her labia minora which she felt were too large and dependant.  Having discussed how surgery can help we went on to perform a bilateral labiaplasty.  The operation is typically performed under a local anaesthetic as an outpatient.

The Results

The surgery all passed off without event and everything settled very nicely. 

What the Patient said

Three months on and I’m so glad I had went for the surgery. Everything has healed amazingly and I am so happy with the results.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who felt the way I did and would definitely recommend Mr Raine  for all the care, support and results I received before, during and after the procedure.

What the Surgeon said

Kate’s surgery all went to plan and we are both very happy with the final result. I was very pleased to hear how much of a difference we were able to make.

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