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Jessica's Story

Treatment Details
Tummy tuck
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Jessica changed her life with a very significant weight loss. Unfortunately this left her with some loose skin in various areas, particularly her tummy. The abdominoplasty was performed under general anaesthetic and took just 3 hours. We tightened everything by removing the excess loose skin. She had a subsequent minor tidy up procedure at no extra cost. 

The Results

Jessica was out of hospital within two days. She's now got a much flatter stomach, which has improved her confidence. 

What The Patient said

The best thing that I've felt from having the surgery is that I have the confidence to wear clothes that I never could have with flabby skin. The whole thing just gives you more confidence and makes you happy with yourself. 

Anybody considering having a tummy tuck I would say go along and have a consultation. For me, it's been absolutely wonderful. 

What the Surgeon said

We are delighted to have been able to help Jessica - she is a great character and great fun to look after. 


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