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Meghan's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Enlargement
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Breast enlargement surgery is a commonly requested cosmetic surgery procedure. The goals of surgery are typically to give a sense of balance to the female figure, although sizing and shape is individualised. 

The Results

I am thrilled to hear that Meghan is pleased with the result. It was a successful procedure and I hope Meghan’s confidence continues to grow.

What the Patient said

Having a breast augmentation was a big decision in my life as I was so unhappy with my small breasts, I lacked confidence and wore scarfs to cover them. For me, choosing the right surgeon was just as important as deciding to have the surgery done and Refine Plastic Surgeons are professional skilled consultants with excellent recommendations. My surgery was performed at a time of my choice by a wonderful team, who made me feel safe and cared for. I am over the moon with the outcome of my surgery and have so much more confidence as a result of my new image.

What the Surgeon said

Meghan had felt conscious about her bust for a number of years. She felt disproportionately small. An incision was made in the fold under the breast and implants were inserted in a partially submuscular pocket (dual plane type 2).

Antiseptic technique is pivotal in breast augmentation to minimise the risk of bacterial contamination. Infection complications can happen but we take all possible steps to minimise the risk.

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