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Sarah's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral Breast Augmentation
Ewa Majdak-Paredes

Treatment Overview

What the Surgeon Said

Sarah underwent bilateral breast augmentation to restore the volume and increase the size of her breasts following pregnancy. Sarah is very slim and has naturally had relatively small breasts. We spent some time during consultation trying to understand what is desired and chose the size based on that. The procedure was uneventful and Sarah has a good result at this point. However, it is expected that the implants will drop a bit as the scar maturation progresses, which should give Sarah a natural look.

What the Patient said

From initial consultation to post-op review I felt at ease with Ewa and confident in her knowledge and expertise that she would achieve the look I wanted.

I felt well informed of the procedure which gave me confidence throughout.

My stay at Spire was comfortable and I was treated with the greatest respect from all the staff involved in my care.

I am happy with the outcome, my breasts look amazing and I feel confident in my body after many years of self-doubt.

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