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Lyndsay's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Enlargement
Breast Augmentation
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Lyndsay was an ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery. She had a very clear idea of what she wanted to achieve. With the help of trial sizers we were able to help her choose her ideal implants. The aim was to enhance breast volume and to produce a relatively natural shape.

The Results

Surgery was performed at the Murrayfield Hospital under general anaesthetic. Lyndsay stayed in hospital one night and was discharged on some relatively mild painkillers. There were no significant complications.

At follow up Lyndsay was very pleased with the cosmetic outcome. Her breasts are soft, symmetrical and have an aesthetically pleasing shape.

What the Patient said

Fabulous service from initial consultation and throughout the process. Mr Stewart put me at ease from the start.

I am delighted with the results.

What the Surgeon said

We used an incision under the fold of each breast to insert anatomical (tear drop shaped) 320g textured silicone gel implants. The implants were inserted in a partially sub muscular dual plane pocket. The implants fitted well in the pockets. After skin closure splashproof dressings were used.

Lyndsay’s recovery was uneventful.

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