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Ava's Story

Treatment Details
Mini Abdominoplasty
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Ava was unhappy with the appearance of her lower abdomen after having children almost 20 years ago, the last of whom was delivered by Caesarian section. This had left her with an unsightly scar and what she described as a “shelf”. She was not keen on a full abdominoplasty, and opted for a smaller procedure.

The Results

The operation was carried out under a general anaesthetic, as a day case procedure. A wedge of skin and fat was removed from the lower part of the abdomen (just above the pubic hair-line, at the level of the caesarian section scar). This allowed the abdomen to be tightened up. She had dissolving stitches and a light dressing. She returned at a week to the nurse led, dressing clinic for a reviewed change of dressing.

What the Patient said

Waited 16 years for this & I’m delighted with the results. Mr Bahia put me at ease, very reassuring, extremely professional and answered any queries. I would definitely recommend Refine Plastic Surgeons and Mr Bahia in particular.

What the Surgeon said

I am delighted to see that Ava has had a nice result from a short day case procedure. The photos were taken at only 7 weeks following surgery, and are still a little firm and pink. These will gradually soften down over the coming months and fade to a pale white line. She will be able to return to full exercise now, but should continue to massage and moisturise her scars to help with their maturation.

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