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Fiona's Story

Treatment Details
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Fiona had undergone a number of emergency abdominal surgeries in the past which had left her abdomen with some very unsightly and disfiguring scars. These had a tendency to show through tighter clothes, making baggier and unflattering clothes her only choice.

The Results

After a detailed consultation and examination, Fiona was happy to undergo an abdominoplasty, which was designed to remove the tissue and skin from the lower part of her abdomen, including all the scars, leaving a single scar located just above the pubic hair (bikini line).

What the Patient said

With the support of my partner and family, I decided to get an abdominoplasty procedure. After a very informative consultation, I felt confident that the procedure would fix my old emergency scars all over my tummy.

I now feel like a different woman who has the confidence to wear jeans and dresses. I would recommend Refine Plastic Surgeons at Spire Murrayfield Hospital to anyone.

It’s changed my life. Thank you.

What the Surgeon said

Fiona has had a fantastic result, with removal of all of those horrible scars. The photo is taken at only 8 weeks after her surgery and her scars are still a little pink and firm. These will soften and fade over the next few months with gentle massage with a moisturiser.

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