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Ellen's Story

Treatment Details
Tummy Tuck
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Ellen had struggled for a number of years with a large tummy. Despite diet and exercise, she had been unable to successfully flatten her tummy, and found that she only felt comfortable wearing certain clothes which hid the excess tissue.

The Results

Ellen underwent an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) under a general anaesthetic, with an overnight stay in hospital.  She didn’t need any drains after the surgery and we were able to remove more than 1kg of skin and fatty tissue from the lower abdomen. Ellen also had some liposuction from her flanks. Her sutures were all dissolving and she was reviewed by the nurses in the clinic a week later, where all was healing satisfactorily.

What the Patient said

I had a big area of stretched skin on either side of my tummy, just above my hips, which was unsightly to me. My surgeon (Dr Bahia), explained everything in detail and was extremely happy to go ahead with the operation. Throughout the whole process, the care and aftercare was second to none, extremely professional and caring at all times. Thank you.

What the Surgeon said

Ellen’s surgery went well, and she has healed well too. The photographs shown are prior to Ellen’s surgery and then at a very early stage after surgery (7 weeks). The scars are still a little immature and purple in colour, which I would expect to fade over the coming months. There is also still some mild residual swelling in the tummy wall, which I would expect to resolve over the coming months too. All in all, Ellen has had a very good result, and I am very pleased that she is happy with the outcome.

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