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Caroline's Story

Treatment Details
Tummy Tuck
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

Caroline was troubled by a lower abdominal bulge of tissue and stretch marks, which appeared after her children were born and which she had been unable to rid herself of, despite diet and exercise. Caroline was of a reasonable height to weight ratio, with no other medical problems.

The Results

Caroline underwent a standard abdominoplasty procedure, removing 1.5kg of tissue from the lower abdomen. The photos are at only 6 weeks after the surgery and her scars are healing well and will fade over the coming months. There is still a little residual swelling which will also resolve over the next few months with gentle massaging with a moisturiser.

What the Patient said

I would describe the whole thing as a positive experience, and the recovery was a piece of cake - it was so easy.

I found the support that I got before, during and after to be great.

I only wish I had done it years ago as it has made a huge difference to my confidence. I am happy to undress in front of my partner now, whereas before I hated him seeing me naked.

What the Surgeon said

I am delighted to see Caroline so happy and positive after this procedure. She has had a great result and it will continue to improve as her scars mature over the next few months.

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