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Gender Reassignment

Gender Reassignment Procedure

We are delighted to be able to offer the following procedures

1. "Top surgery" to individuals transitioning from female to male. We can offer both the peri areolar scar and the double scar technique and will advise which we think would be best.

2. Feminising rhinoplasty

3. Breast augmentation for individuals progressing from male to female.

4. Facial feminisation surgery

Gender Reassignment Process

We strictly adhere to internationally recognised guidelines for progressing to such surgery. We know it is self-evident but these are, for the most part, irreversible surgeries. Individuals will be expecting to be living in their new gender role for 1 year, have written confirmation of diagnosis from a doctor specialising in the field, and confirmatory diagnosis and suitability for surgery from a mental health professional.

Once we have all those things in place we can progress to surgery. We do not insist on stopping hormone therapy but we do prefer that patients stop smoking.

WPATH - World Professional Association for Transgender Health

Gender Reassignment Aftercare

Typically patients would stay in hospital 1 night and be discharged the following day. We would usually see patients at one to two weeks to check wounds and three months to assess final results.

Complications such as bleeding, haematoma, infection, tissue loss, delayed healing, asymmetry and hard ted lumpy scarring may occur but we will take all reasonable precautions.

Satisfaction rates are high but we cannot guarantee outcomes.

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