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Harris's Story

Treatment Details
Chest re-assignment
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Harris has been living as a male for over a year. He had decided it was time to undergo chest re-assignment surgery by mastectomy. His breast configuration was such that skin excision was required.

The Results

The nipples are reduced in projection and diameter, are symetrically placed and circular. The scars have been placed along the lower border of the pecroral muscle. At two months they are red but they will fade with time.

What the Patient said

The service was excellent. Well organised and efficient.

The outcome could not have been better. Everything I wanted was achieved.

What the Surgeon said

The bilateral mastectomy and nipple elevation was required. The surgery was very uneventful and Harris recovered very quickly. The wounds have healed well. The scars are currently red but will fade with time.

It has been a great pleasure to look after Harris. He is very likeable character with realistic expectations. The perfect patient.

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