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Gynaecomastia Procedure

Some men can suffer from a condition called gynaecomastia, where there is a disproportionately large amount of breast tissue in the chest, giving the appearance of ‘man boobs’. A breast reduction procedure can significantly improve the appearance of the chest and consequently self-confidence. 

Gynaecomastia Process

Breast reduction surgery is typically undertaken under a light general anaesthetic with a single overnight stay in hospital, although day case surgery is preferred by some patients.

Various procedures can be used to restore a flatter and more masculine chest. Typically, the procedure will involve removing excess breast tissue by lifting the nipple. For soft breast tissue with good skin tone, liposuction alone may enhance the appearance with minimal scars. For small but firm breast tissue a minimal scar around the nipple may be used. Occasionally for much more noticeable gynaecomastia a transverse scar maybe required.

The skin wounds are closed with fine absorbable sutures and the resulting scars generally settle well.

Step one: an incision below the breasts removes excess tissue
Step two: the nipple is lifted to create a flatter chest

Gynaecomastia Aftercare

Following discharge from hospital simple pain killers are usually all that is required.  The use of a soft bra or vest top can help during recovery while the swelling settles.  Often two weeks off work is advised and it is usually best to refrain from driving over this time. 

A follow up appointment will be arranged by the hospital to see the specialist plastic surgery nurses initially and thereafter a review appointment with your plastic surgeon will be scheduled to ensure all is well and that you are happy with your result.  

What are the risks?

Male breast reduction surgery may incur risks which include but are not limited to: bleeding, bruising, swelling, infection, delayed healing, scars of unpredictable quality, hard red lumpy scars, irregularity, asymmetry, contour depression, dissatisfaction with the aesthetic outcome and pain. There is also a risk of systemic complications such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Will I need further treatment?

Breast reduction surgery is a single operation. However, occasionally additional treatments may be required; for example, the use of wound dressings for a longer period than was planned or the use of scar tapes.

Will I be covered if something goes wrong?

Our 'inclusive care' policy is such that if there is a complication or adverse outcome from surgery within the first year then we can provide any further treatment required at no additional cost to you.


Price guide: £3,600

See our Pricing page for a list of all guide prices. 

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