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Tracey's Story

Treatment Details
Extended Brachioplasty
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

An extended brachioplasty was carried out to tighten up the skin laxity surrounding the area to provide a more defined appearance.

The Results

Incredible result following surgical intervention.

What the Patient said

I am very pleased with the preparation and treatment from Mr Raine. He made sure I understood the risks and the limitations of each procedure, and the actual results exceeded my expectations. It was the outcome of the first procedure that gave me the confidence to ask about the second, and then the outcome of the second that made me appreciate the benefit I could get from the third. The overall effect is that these procedures have meant I have been happier to return to regular exercising and a healthier lifestyle.

What the surgeon said

Surgery was carried out under a general anaesthetic as a 1 night stay with no complications occurring during surgery or in the post operative period. A very nice result achieved.

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