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Laura's Story

Treatment Details
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Brachioplasty was undertaken to rid of loose skin to provide more of a youthful look.

The Results

The results are amazing, a more youthful aesthetically pleasing result has been achieved.

What the Patient said

I was referred to Mr Raine via another consultant. I could not get a private Glasgow Hospital to do the surgery due to my high BMI.

At my first consultation Mr Raine asked many questions about my wellbeing and was interested in how well I had done with my recovery from a recent knee operation.

On the day of surgery Mr Raine again spent a good time with me going over the procedure. Mr Raine looked in on me after the surgery and the following day.

I am delighted with the results.  It has allowed me to regain some respect of myself.  I will no longer be embarrassed to show my arms.

Mr Raine is of a very gentle nature and sunny disposition.

What the surgeon said

The aforementioned surgery carried out without any complications. We have achieved a very successful result with the scars healing satisfactorily. 

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