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Michelle's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Enlargement
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Michelle had been unhappy with her breast size for a number of years and came to se me to discuss breast enlargement surgery.  We discussed the options and decided to proceed with anatomically shaped breast implants to achieve the most natural final result. 

The Results

The surgery all went well and Michelle moved form a 32C to a 34E bra and was very happy with her size and shape.

What the Patient said

Couldn't recommend Mr Raine enough, made me feel so welcome and I felt no pressure what so ever to go ahead with surgery. Nothing was rushed. Mr Raine was great, so understanding and helped me achieve the perfect result!

What the Surgeon said

Michelle made a quick recovery from surgery and was back to work in no time!  Both Michelle and I were very happy with the results of surgery which allowed for a good size increase whilst maintaining a very natural breast shape.

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