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Katie's Story

Treatment Details
Bilateral Otoplasty
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Katie underwent bilateral otoplasty using a sutures to create natural folds within the ears and to rotate them towards the head.

What the Patient said

It has been just over eight weeks since my daughter’s otoplasty procedure and I don’t quite know where to begin! Thank you for the most amazing job that you have done on my daughter’s ears.  Not only did he calm my nerves with his confident demeanour and enthusiasm, but he left my daughter filled with happiness and excitement. She was looking forward to having her ears done to restore her confidence that was lacking because of how much they stuck out.

It was the same on the day of the procedure and there was not one thing that I could fault. We were left with a result that not only Katie and I are delighted with, but our whole family. Katie is happy and confident and I can’t thank everyone enough. We will never forget Mr Stewart, not only for the outcome, but for his kind, calming and wonderful manner. This goes for the whole Refine team! Thank you for everything!

What the Surgeon said

The surgery was very straightforward and it was great fun looking after Katie.

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