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Ellie's Story

Treatment Details
Ear Reconstruction
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Ellie was born with a condition known as Microtia; in other words, her ears were very small. A 3D template was created preoperatively. In surgery we used her rib cartilages as building block to carve new ears which were placed under her skin.

The Results

Thanks to the surgery, Ellie now has ears of an average shape and size. The skin has healed well over the rib cartilage placed in her ear. The scars will soon fade. 

What The Patient Said

I like my new ears very much. I feel much more confident and like wearing my hair up now.

What the Surgeon Said

Carving ears from ribs is a complex procedure. I travelled to many parts of the world to learn the technique, including California, Paris, Tokyo and Beijing. The greatest reward for this effort is seeing the smile on kids' faces when they see their new ear.


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