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Elaine's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Enlargement
Hilal Bahia

Treatment Overview

I met Elaine in my clinics about 3 times prior to her surgery. She told me that her breasts had become empty and droopy after her pregnancies and breast feeding, and she wished to restore some of the missing volume and shape. We discussed the nature of surgery, scars and carried out a sizing exercise to choose the size of implant that Elaine would be happy with. The operation took an hour and a half under general anaesthetic, with no drains, and required an overnight stay in hospital.

The Results

We chose implants in the region of 360cc in the pre-op clinic. She had 365cc round implants inserted at surgery through small cuts under each breast.

What the Patient said

I have had a positive experience throughout my treatment. Great communication pre-op and post-op. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my procedure and would highly recommend to everyone.

What the Surgeon said

Elaine has had a good result after her surgery. She has regained the missing volume, particularly in the upper poles as well as a pleasing shape. She has healed well and achieved good symmetry.

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