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Cheryl's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Enlargement
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Cheryl had been unhappy with the appearance of her breasts for some time. When I examined her it became clear she had some features consistent with a diagnosis of constricted breast syndrome which is a congenital condition that results in altered breast development. There are a number of ways in which this can be treated however, in Cheryl's case the best option was to undertake a breast enlargement surgery with silicone breast implants.

The Results

Cheryl’s surgery all went to plan and the recovery was quick. 

What the Patient said

After debating about breast augmentation surgery for many years I am so glad that I finally went ahead with it, especially having Mr Raine as my surgeon. I honestly cannot fault him from my very first consultation I was at ease. Mr Raine explained in detail what to expect from the surgery, different types of procedures and different implant types. As well as this he listened to all my questions/concerns. I have had no issues following the procedure and my scars are minimal and continue to fade as the months pass. I received excellent care prior to and after my surgery not only by Mr Raine himself but by all the staff at Refine Plastic Surgeons. I contacted Mr Raine on more than several occasions after my surgery with general queries and I would receive a reply straight away if not within the same hour. Mr Raine has reassured me from day one. I felt as though I could ask him anything and that it didn't seem a hassle to him at all, he always seemed more than happy to advise. Looking at the before and after pictures the transformation that Mr Raine has achieved is truly outstanding! I am so happy with my result and they are even better than I would have ever hoped could be achieved. Mr Raine is truly professional in every aspect of his care/work and I am very thankful to him.

What the Surgeon said

Both Cheryl and I were very happy with the results of surgery and I was particularly pleased to hear how much of a difference we were able to make.

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