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Caroline's Story

Treatment Details
Blepharoplasty upper
Ken Stewart

Treatment Overview

Blepharoplasty upper

The Results

Caroline had very realistic expectations of what upper lid eyelid tickets would achieve. We performed a very straightforward upper eyelid skin reduction to good effect. 

What the Patient said

I had blepharoplasty performed as a day case under local anaesthetic, I thought the service was first class. I wish I had had it done sooner. I can’t stop boasting about my new eyes.

What the Surgeon said

Caroline underwent a very standard upper lid blepharoplasty. She wasn’t bothered by her lower eyelids and decided to leave these alone. We are also aware that she has a degree of brow ptosis and is considering further enhancing the effect with some regular Botulinum Toxin in the future.

It was a great pleasure to treat Caroline and I would recommend her Dog Day Care Centre to anybody with a canine volition.

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