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Anna's Story

Treatment Details
Breast Enlargement
Cameron Raine

Treatment Overview

Anna made an appointment to see me to discuss bilateral breast augmentation and also wanted to discuss the surgery for correcting inverted nipples.  We spent time discussing the options including Anna’s preferences for implant shape and size and arranged a second consultation to confirm our plans before proceeding.

The Results

Anna’s surgery all went to plan with both of us very happy with the final result. Anna was keen to retain a very natural final breast shape with a target of a ‘D’ cup bra size which is what we achieved.  The nipple correction was also successful.

What the Patient said

After deciding I would like breast surgery which I had been considering for a while, I started to look for possible surgeons and hospitals. A friend of mine recommended Mr Raine from Refine Plastic Surgeons.  I had a look at his profile on their website and decided to arrange a consultation.

Mr Raine was very welcoming, pleasant and professional. After providing me with all information about the two procedures I required (breast augmentation and correction of inverted nipples) I decided to book my surgery.

I then had another consultation to determine the size of the implants and go over any questions I had. I wasn't sure what size I wanted to go to, I just wanted my breasts to look more in proportion to my body but also keeping them looking natural. My breasts were a 32A before my surgery and having  broad shoulders I felt so unbalanced, I was very self conscious with the way I looked.  Mr Raine suggested that a 34D created using teardrop implants would be the best option for me, my scar would be thin and in my natural crease about 5cm long. He let me try some implants inside a sports bra so I could get an idea of the size I was going to be. I found this extremely helpful and I was very confident I was making the right decisions. 

On the day of my surgery I was extremely nervous, all the staff were great and kept me occupied until it was time to go up. Shortly before hand Mr Raine came down to go over the procedure with me again and to take some final measurements.

After my surgery I stayed in the hospital for one night, I woke up feeling very sluggish and sleepy.  I was expecting to be in a lot of pain when I woke up but It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined - I just felt uncomfortable and my chest felt very heavy. I was only in pain if I moved to sit up or get up to go to the toilet.  I was given plenty of pain killers to take home with me and my check up appointments were arranged.

When home, the first few days I was just resting. As the days went on I could do a little bit more every day and after two weeks I was driving and able to do a slow cycle on the bike at the gym. It took about 6 weeks before I could start doing high intensity cardio again.

I am extremely happy with what Mr Raine has achieved and I am very grateful to him. The results are amazing and exactly what I was hoping for.

What the Surgeon said

Anna recovered very well following surgery and was back on the exercise bike at 2 weeks.  The surgical scars are already fading very nicely and will continue to do so as further time passes.  Anna was an excellent candidate for surgery and we were both very pleased with the result

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